Thailand Visa General Practice

Siam Legal International is a full service law firm that provides a wide range of legal services. My name is Rex and I am a visa consultant at Siam Legal.

As part of our service, we help foreign nationals obtain visas to come to Thailand for extended periods.

There are several types of visas available for those who want to come to Thailand. There short non-immigrant visa or long term employment, family, and retirement visas.

The regulations and the forms are in Thai.

A small error on the forms or a missing document in the package can result in delays or the rejection of a visa application.

If your case is time sensitive, errors in the visa processing may result in irreparable harm for you to obtain a visa in time.

Our law firm has experience in handling multiple types of visas. We can assist you in locating the appropriate visa for your needs.

Your case will be reviewed by a team of experienced Thai and English speaking attorneys and visa consultants.

We will provide an honest and fair assessment of your case before your case is submitted and provide you with peace of mind that your case has been properly packaged and submitted.

Through the use of technology, we provide assistance to clients through out the world. We handle each matter in a timely manner and provide prompt responses to your concerns and questions.

You can contact us through our website via email, online chat, or by telephone. If you know that you will need a visa to come to Thailand, please contact our firm for a consultation.