Thailand Retirement Visa Application

Sawasdee khap! My name is Rex, I am your consultant from Siam Legal International. In this video, I am going to talk about the Thai Retirement Visa. Thai Retirement Visa is also known as Non-Immigrant OA Visa. It is a long term visa that is valid for one year. The holders of this visa are allowed to stay in Thailand for a one-year period. However, the visa holder is required to report to the local Immigration Office every 90 days.

Retirement Visa Requirements

The requirements of Thai retirement visa are the following:

  • The applicant must be at least 50 years of age or over.
  • The applicants must meet certain financial requirement which can be any of the following:
    • A security deposit of THB 800,000 to their personal account in a local Thai Bank
      • The amount has to have been deposited into the bank account for at least two months prior to the visa application;
    • A monthly income or pension of at least 65,000 THB;
    • Or the applicant can show a combination of the deposited amount in a local Thai bank and your yearly income has a total of at least 800,000 THB.

An affidavit from your embassy or consulate declaring your monthly income must be submitted.

You would also need an updated bank book and statement from the bank verifying your account balance for at least the past two months.

Thai Retirement Visa Process

For the application process, we will first help you obtain an initial 90-day Non Immigrant Visa for you to travel to Thailand.

This process takes place while you are still outside Thailand.

We will assist you in obtaining the initial visa from the Thai embassy in your country.

We will provide you with the documents for this initial visa application, and the whole process takes about 5 to 7 business days.

Once done with the initial step, obtaining the Thai Retirement Visa is fairly simple. When you arrive in Thailand, we will help you open your personal Thai bank account. After 2 months, we will assist you in getting a letter from the bank as proof of the security deposit.

We can also help you get the affidavit from your embassy in Bangkok as proof of income if you will be using the pension or income option.

Subsequently, we will schedule an appointment with the embassy 30 days before the expiration of your initial 90-day visa for the conversion of your visa to the Thai Retirement Visa.

After preparing the forms and submission package, we will accompany you to the Immigration office to complete the visa process.

Should you need more information, you may contact our office through the numbers on your screen:

(+66) 2 259-8100 (Thailand)
1-877-252-8831 (US Toll Free)
207-101-9301 (UK)
028-015-5273 (Australia)

I am at your service for any of your Thai Visa-related concerns.

Thank you for taking some time in watching this video. We look forward to assisting you soon with your Thai Retirement Visa application.



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