Marriage in Thailand

Getting Married in Thailand

Every year many foreigners get married in Thailand. Most marriage we process is marriages between foreigners and a Thai national. If you and your Thai fiancee are or planning on getting married in Thailand then you have many options for your wedding location in thailand. The locations range from the city of Bangkok with all its modern infrastructure and temples and also the numerous five star international hotels. Many foreigners prefer to get married in Bangkok many have lived in Thailand for a while and now have friends in Thailand. Some however do tie the knot in Isaan where many of the Thai women in Bangkok come from.

Some prefer the nightlife and fast pace of Pattaya and get married in the party town of Pattaya in Chonburi. Now getting married in Pattaya may offer you and your spouse and family 24 hour round the clock entertainment, pearly white beaches and also the large international brand name hotels for your Thai friends and family who attend your wedding in Pattaya. Some however do prefer Phuket as a marriage destination as it is very up-market and lush. If you and your fiancee are getting married on the island of Phuket with its picture book tropical scenery, lush natural vegetation and breath taking mountain and sea views then consider that being up-market in Phuket also means very pricey. There are a number of locations in Thailand when considering a marriage destination. Koh Samui weddings are also great and popular as well as Krabi with its tropical breaches and the ability to get married underwater.

Hua Hin just outside of Bangkok is more of a middle-class city for expats in Thailand and even though not a party town like Pattaya, it has some of the very best hotels and well known golf courses in Thailand. Now speaking about marriage in Thailand – there is always the issue of  your Thai dowry in Thailand and you can speak to us about all of these issues way  before you decide to marry or to register your marriage in Thailand. Call us today at any of our branches and see our main website for more details on wedding destinations in Thailand.





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