Due Diligence in Thailand

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Purchasing property in Thailand is not a simple matter. Due Diligence is required to confirm all of the material facts of a property sale. This goes beyond reviewing the terms of the sales contract.

This video covers the activities required to ensure that you are not swindled in a property purchase.

Title Search

It is important to search and review the property legal documents relating to the land or property at the government land office.

There are a variety of different land titles in Thailand with different property rights. It is important to inspect the land documents to check on the title qualities and whether the property is beholden to lien.

Physical Inspection

There should be a physical inspection of the property through an independent surveyor. This is to check if the land is connected to a public road and if the boundaries of the land are clear and whether the title deed accurately reflects the actual boundaries.

It is also important to determine the local zoning ordinances and what will be built in nearby land parcels.

Inspection of Building Permits

It is important to review the government filings to ensure that the property has been issued approved land permits. It is important to review the type of development and ensure that there are no restrictions in the area. There needs to be an Environmental Examination of the property, review that it has passed building codes, and whether parking will be available to the property owner.

It is also important to ensure that the property is not encroaching on environmentally protected lands which makes development illegal.

Seller Background Review

It is important to review the credentials of the seller or property developer. The seller or developer must be identified, their financial background checked, and whether they have been part of court proceedings.
Litigation can damage the property rights of the owner. If the seller is the developer, it is important to review their previous developments and the satisfaction the property buyers in those developments.

Due Diligence can raise concerns which will protect the buyer from an unfair agreement. Siam Legal can prepare a due diligence report for your purchase.

A due diligence report will include your title search report, pictures of the land, and translations of construction permits or other documents related to the property. Please call us if you are thinking about purchasing property in Thailand.



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