Doing Business in Thailand

Doing Business in Thailand

If you are thinking of starting a business in Thailand then it is best to start with the registration of a Thai limited liability company also known as a LLC company in Thailand. If you by now already have a registered company in your home country be it Australia, the Us or the UK then you can setup a Thai representative office in Thailand which might be easier or even a branch office of your business. Its always best to consider all the options for purposes of taxes and liability so speak to a Thai lawyer about this as it may have implications you have not considered.

If you are a foreigner in Thailand then setting up a sole ownership would be very trying as the FBA also known as the Foreign Business Act limits what industry your Thai company can do participate in Thailand. There are many limitations with regards how or to what extent your Thai business in the Kingdom can do but you also have the option to apply for a BOI company and this normally makes it easier and gives you more business options than what you would normally have. If you are an American then there is also the Treaty of Amity in Thailand but nobody is certain how long this going to be valid under the WTO agreements which Thailand has signed. There is now also the TAFT agreement which is between Thailand and Australia so if you are Australian then speak to our lawyers in Thailand if you are looking at investment in Thailand.

With law offices in all the major cities in Thailand we at Siam Legal are still the best and able to assist you in setting up your Thai business in the Kingdom. Call us toll-free from the UK or the US or simply walk into any of our offices in Pattaya, Bangkok, Samui, Hua Hin, Chiang Mai or Phuket when in Thailand for more legal assistance. You can now also speak to us online on our chat messenger or simply send us an email on our main website. See our main website for more details.





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